Research Interests:

  • Psychology in Human-Robot Interaction, and Relationships between the Society and Technologies
  • Consideration on social influences of robotics applications
  • Construction of Robot Anxiety Scale
  • Critical Issues on Robotic Therapy
  • Influence on Emotions in Robotic Therapy from Social Psychological and Sociological Perspectives (Powerpoint Slides html)
  • On Social Constructivism of Emotions: Hochschild and Gergen (the tentative paper: pdf)
  • Formalization of Double Bind from the Perspective of Sociology of Emotions and Group Dynamics (the tentative paper: pdf)
  • A Proposal of Computational Approach for Sociology of Emotions and Group Dynamics, in the 13th Toyota Conference on AFFECTIVE MINDS, 1999. (the html file)
  • Autopoiesis, Social System Theory, and Philosophy of Science (Complex Systems)

  • Educational Technologies
  • Awareness and Image of "Making-Artifacts"
  • Internet Anxiety, Online Gaming Addiction, and Media Literacy

  • Previously Published and Submitted Papers

    Links to Related Societies

  • Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics
  • The Mathematical Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Group Dynamics Association
  • Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology
  • Japanese Association of Family Psychology
  • Japanese Psychological Association
  • Japanese Cognitive Science Society
  • Japan Society for Educational Technology
  • Japanese Society for Personality Psychology
  • IEEE

  • Current Projects

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas: Communicative intelligent systems towards a human-machine symbiotic society

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