A Tentative Consideration on Mathematical Descriptions of Autopoiesis

Tatsuya Nomura
System Technology Development Center,
Corporate Research and Development Group, Sharp Corporation


This article reviews the theory of autopoiesis and its mathematical models and considers implications of mathematical description of autopoiesis in social psychology. First, the aspect and properties of autopoiesis, and the development of autopoiesis in research areas near social psycology were reviewd. Then, sources of difficulty in understanding autopoiesis was considered from viewpoints of outer observationism, which was defined in this paper. Then, some mathematical models of autopoiesis were shown and problems in the models were considered. Finally, implications of mathematical description of autopoiesis in the recent situation of social psychology was considered.

Key Words

Autopoiesis, Possibility of Desctiptions, Metabolism--Repair Systems, Abstract Chemistry, Thoery of Calculus